5D Theatre Stand-Up

Embark on the new 5D “STAND-UP” platform
to live a thrilling experience!

3DYNAMIC designs and manufactures
the 5D THEATRE “STAND-UP” equipped with 4 axes dynamic platforms. Each platform is of 2 places, in a standing position, with individual embarked sensory effects.

The “STAND-UP” platform is conceived and designed so that any person, standing up and regardless of its stature, feels the same dynamic & sensory sensations.
The movements and the sensory effects are synchronized with the 3D film.
The audio diffusion is multi-phonic.
Any other “In-Theatre” special effects are optional.

The theming of the theatre and the dynamic platforms may be customized to suit the design of the attraction.

The 3D film is a main part of the show.
3DYNAMIC and its partners will annually extend the film library with new educative and recreational 3D films.
3DYNAMIC may produce a 3D film on demand to suit the theme of your project, your budget and your needs.

5D Dark-Ride

5D Theatre « Stand-up » : Technical information

Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement
Dark-Ride agencement
Technical specifications
Length Width Height Weight (empty)
1 800 mm / 5, 91 ft 1 950 mm / 6, 4 ft 1 100 mm / 3, 61 ft 150 Kg / 330, 69 lb

Forward-Backward/ Right-Left/ Up-Down
Platform base shifting: Right-Left

3 speeds: Fast - Medium - Slow.

RANGE: 90 mm / 0, 3 ft

Sensory effects


brumisation pluie vibrations
Water Spray

Hot wind
Cold wind



pluie pluie brumisation pluie pluie
Strong wind Aromas Smoke Bubbles Lighting and
sound effects


Salle 5D Dark-Ride amenagement

Layout of
24 seats capacity.

Typical theatres dimensions.

  24 seats 100 seats
Length 17 m / 55,77 ft 26 m / 85,3 ft
Width 8,5 m / 27,89 ft 15 m / 49,21 ft
Height (free height) 5 m / 16,4 ft 8 m / 26,25 ft
Screen size 6 m x 3.30 m / 19,69 ft x 10,83 ft 10 m x 5,60 m / 32,81 ft x 18,37 ft


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